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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  March 5, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a kent county school bus driver is being called a hero after a 12-year-old lit a flare on the bus. it sparked a fire. the 28 students were headed to kent county moo. the driver got all the students off the bus safely. several students were treated and released from the hospital. two boys were arrested in connection with the death of a girl 13-year-old girl. the boys were playing with a rifle when the gun went off. the girl, monae turnage was found under a pile of trash. she went skating and never returned home. investigators say a large group of children and miscommon cation between adults led to a 3-year-old being left behind at a chuck e. cheese. harmony walked up to the
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restaurant crying saying she was thirsty. almost three hours later the parents picked her up. the parents each thought the other was taking harmony home. 95 and 695 but you got to wonder are we out of the woods. it is march. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart with a look at that first forecast. it was uneventful, nice to see it didn't stay. we had some bursts of snow. let's take a look at maryland's most powerful radar, very light along i-95 in the northern part of the beltway seeing a little bit of snow flurries down 83, the jfx. there's that particular snow shower and another one in central queen anne's county.
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all right. temperature wise, 40s, upper 30s west. obviously, well above that critical freezing mark. should be free of slick areas for the most part. things could be damp where we have a brief snow. more snow showers through the rest of the evening going with little or no accumulation. we'll talk about how things change dramatically. that's straight ahead. abc2 continues to lead the way. visit and choke out our list of apps. you can have access to the latest news and live streaming video 24/7 right there in the palm of your hand. all right. the latest from the scene of a deadly three-car accident in bel air -- actually in baltimore. baltimore city fire department
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kevin cartwright said one of the cars overturned. a man was pronounced dead while two other people were being evacuated. they had to get him out of the car. we'll continue to follow the story. in a rare move, recount recount police officers had taken a no confidence vote in the leadership of the county executive and police chief. the fraternal order of police said their grievances go beyond john leopold's indictment. >> reporter: lodge 70 said it's something they've been building for years, the way officers are being treated under the leopold administration. they said this was planned well before leopold's indictment on friday. in its 42 year history, the lodge said even though they haven't agreed, they've been asked to work with the
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administration on top, but police chief james teare and john leopold said -- >> when the details of the indictment came out and people saw the degree that our chief was i guess, protectinged county executive that clacked the ballgame. >> reporter: the indictment said leopold used security detail to keep watch while he had sex with women in cars, run personal errands for the county executive and to change his coloss mi bag, duties that were way out of the scope of what officers are supposed to do on a security detail. when they complained, nothing happened. >> we collectively have been changing mr. leopold's pee bag for years. this is the antithesis of the situation we're in. it shouldn't have happened.
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i think the officers were very upset about it. i think they brought this through the chain of command and were told, hey, keep him happy. keep him happy, and that's inappropriate. >> reporter: he said the indictment is a bigger part of the contention between the officers and their leadership. they said they've been understaffed for years. and their complaints have fallen on deaf ears. they said leopold's attitude to do more with less has destroyed morale. in a statement police chief james teare said quote i continue to work with the fop and its members. our current membership will include quality of life initiative and initiative that's transparent to the public, media and profession. i'm honored to serve as recount recount police cleveland continue to have full faith and confidence in all police department members and our crime
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fighting strategy. they're asking the council to create a committee that would have oversight of the police department that -- he said he would take the actions to the county council tonight. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. also in anne arundel county tonight a man was rescued from a burning home. this happened in the 434500 block of -- 4500 block of richie highway. a man was pulled from the house and taken to bayview. the case of the fire remains under investigation. two firefighters were injured when a ceiling collapsed. crews were called to the 400 block of kings college drive just before 1:00 this morning. firefighters who were using a pipe pole were hurt when pieces
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of the ceiling fell on top of it. one of the firefighters was taken to the hospital with a slight burn on his fames. the other was treated at the scene. investigators believe it may have started in a fireplace. some happy news out of perry ham tonight. the burger business in perry hall has just stepped up its game. there were a few giants among us, including the gino's kind. now they're grilling it up, this time at the honey go village center in perry hall. fans young and old are happy to see this first day of fabuloused into in their community but no one is more thrilled with the opening than debbie and sophie. they run the place. >> a very exciting day for us. we've been working since december 19th. we did this very quickly. they dids quickly. we are excited. >> if debbie's excited today,
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wait until the stars come out north official grand opening. that's coming up next month. this is actually the second restaurant in the area to stage a gino's comeback tour. we'll have much more on that. stay tuned. a helicopter crashes to the ground in harps. look at this, the amazing detail. and the 10-year-old girl being called a hero after her mother went to a diabetic shock. what she did that helped save her mother's life.
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take a look at this video. everybody walked away, some unbelievable images of a crash caught on tape. of the chopper lost control in the arizona desert and plummeted to the ground. it happened just after the shoot for a television show. a 10-year-old girl jumps into action when her mom goes into diabetic shock while driving. she was right behind the wheel. she not only saved her mom's life but her two sisters.
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the car was swerving in the wrong lane of traffic and hit several road blobltion. daily managed to july out of her seat and used her mom's cell phone to call for help. >> honey, listen to me. can you hear me? >> yes. >> what kind of car are you in? >> daily's mom was rushed to the opt. she apparently took her medicine but didn't eat which caused her to get sick. caylee was given a special award. coming up how much you're spending to take care of your four legged friends. and the gop candidates are gearing up for super tuesday. why things are looking to you for mitt romney tonight.
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everybody knows the economy is still recovering, but your pet wouldn't know it. >> reporter: whether you have a dog, tank of fish or a snake, the cost of caring for it keeps going up. americans spent a record amount in 2011 and are expected to spend more this year. americans dropped more than $50 billion on their pets in 2011, an all team high hams spending rose 5% from the previous year. the biggest cost is food. that accounts for half of all spending on animals. vet bills are the second most costly and over-the-counter medicine and other supplies are
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the third biggest expense. it also includes buying the animals. while that's a one time charge this con be significant. a lot of new products are fueling the global as investors start new business else. also, pets are one of the last things people will give up when forced to make a cut back. reporting from new york. you already know this, ago mapping climbed now for the 27 pght day in a row -- 27th day in a row. aa amount of said the national average price is up to $3.77. that's up seven cents from a week ago and 29 cents more than a week ago. look for the traffic tab. then you'll find the gals buddy site. the lowest is $3.52 at sam's
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club and that's near the golden ring plaza in rose dale. take a look. you can see a few snow showers. they're diminishing as we lose the daytime sunshine. the atmosphere is starting to stabilize but scattered snow showers and right here, just over the far western edge of kent county down into queen anne's county near the kent and narrows. you may see a few flakes. rate dar is quieting down. let's get into it here. current conditions at bwi are looking pretty chilly but clear at the moment. 43 degrees. winds west, northwest at 13. through the day, well, we saw some snow showers at times. let's take you stho where we're
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picking up radar activity. you see it's sun mixed with the passing sort of ominous looking clouds. you get that brief burst of snow. mardela springs you had that. snow on the rooftops appears to be melting. ocean city we saw snow bands coming through here at the beach. visibility got a little tough at times in ocean city. colder temperatures to the west. they'll funnel in, drop us into the 20s. feeling winter like, not just today but tonight and tomorrow. now tomorrow still breezy and cold. i think we'll lose just about all the snow flurry action. if we see a flurry, it will be nothing like the widespread showers we had today. anyway, gusty winds 20 to 25. there are a few snow streamers. for the central part of maryland not so much. at one point we had a long fetch
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of instability above, helping to pump the moisture further south. cold air wrapping around our storm system. this is the area of low pressure responsible for that unsettled weather. that will continue to push offshore. in its wake we look for clearing conditions into the early part of our tuesday, lots of sun and a breach round of cloud cover, maybe a flurry or two. we got one more disturbance pinwheeling through but the bulk will be to the north. flurries ending, we could see a few or hours of them. your tuesday forecast a mix of sun and clouds and still staying chilly in the upper 40s. breezy and cold and the seven-day forecast -- you may say you're tired of the cold stuff, wednesday we get to 60, then upper 60s near 0 on thursday -- 70 on thursday and
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we could hit 70 on monday. don't forget to spring forward this weekend, sunday at 2 a.m. tomorrow is the big day in the race for the gop nomination -- super tuesday. tory dunnan joins us live from columbus, ohio. i know mitt romney picked up some big endorsements over the weekend. where does the race stand? tory? >> reporter: mitt romney is coming off of four victories from last week. the latest polls are shifting in his favor. let's start at the national level. romney is leading santorum 38% to 32% among likely republican voters. go in debt and closer and talk about some of the key states voting tomorrow like here in ohio. this is a brand-new poll it. show last close race a dead heat
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between romney and santorum. just last week santorum had the lead here. a statistical tie between romney and santorum. it was last month that santorum was up by seven points. we're sort of seeing a similar situation as we shaw in michigan and florida, one where mitt romney seems to come back in the last minute. in those states this was one state voting or two states voting but when we talk about super tuesday, there are 10 states voting. >> i know a lot of people will be watching. we'll see you tomorrow. jamie costello? >> i'm jamie costello, coming up at 6:00, we're following the late breaking developments in the arrest of the murder of a 13-year-old girl. and what are your chances for being scammed twice? those stories and more coming up at 6:00. now here's a preview of what's
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in tonight's consumer alert, passengers on united continental faced delays and long wait times because of a glitch over the weekend. the airline had combined reservation information including frequent flier accounts from the two emerging airlines saturday. the airline played down the glitches and say they're now on
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track with the transition. when this comes to tv ratings, dvr's are on the top. they have changed show popularity. "american idol" has dominated for nearly a decade but now of the scripted shows like abc's modern family are the most popular on tv. that's because people dvr them and watch them over and over again or on internet sites like hulu. dr. seuss is big at the box office this weekend and now the books appear to be more popular than ever. non-life-threatening president enjoys the books. the author died 21 years ago. five of his titles are in the top 50 of the best selling list. the lorax made over $70 million
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this weekend. friday what have been geisel's birthday. the spicey cheese on burgers has gren more than 56%. that's according to the restaurant market research first. the cheese has shown up in 50 other consumer products over the past two years. coming up, we have some new developments on a deadly crash in northeast baltimore. we'll go live to the seen with jamie costello which starts right now. details this afternoon in the shooting death of a 13-year-old girl in northeast baltimore. i'm have a -- i'm christian
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schaffer. >> you saw it on our news and wondered how a child could be left behind at a chuck e. cheese. we'll tell you how little harmony was reunited with her parents. and a student lit a flare on a bus. first, we're following the arrest of two teens in connection with the death of a 13-year-old girl. police say this was an accident. >> reporter: an -- an accident indeed. the two boys long with monae turnage were playing in the home of one of the boys when the gun went off and monae turnage was shot in the chest. she died there at the scene. police believe the boys moved the body back behind the house in an attempt to hide it. they determine


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